In Spain we number the onions according to their size that is called “ the calibre”. The higher the number the smaller the size of the onion. In Garibaldi Fruits can adapt perfectly to the European calibration, if required by the customer, which is named only by millimeters diameter: 40-60. mm, 50-70. mm, 60-80. mm, 70-90. mm, 80-100. mm.
These are the most common:  
Calibres tabla
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We have most of varieties of onions that are in the market in order to be able to supply onions, 365 days a year
Cebolla variedad Spring


Availability: from 1st April to 30th May approximately. Whitish or gold. Mild flavor, much appreciated by the domestic market. Not suitable for long transits export.

Cebolla variedad llíria


Availability: from June to 15th July approximately. Sweet and not spicy, great for using raw. Form oval and slightly yellowish. 

Cebolla variedad medio-grano de España para exportar. Onions from Spain to export


Availability: June and July. Spicy and strongest flavor than previous varieties. Good for export, and more resistant to heat. Colour  improves after a few days.

Cebolla variedad Grano de España para exportar. Onions from Spain to export


Availability: From August to March as is stored after the harvesting. It is and onion of high conservation. And mainly for exporting from August to March and long transit time travelling.

Cebolla morada


Availability: from June to August . Onion purple red colour, good for export. Excellent to decorate salads, pizzas ……

Cebolla blanca. Variedad España, Spain


Availability: From June to December and then is imported. Good for salads and sweet flavor when sautéed. Excellent to caramelize.


The packaging is presented in various types depending on the characteristics of the client and the target market. As we are used to export we are able to adapt to the needs of each special customer.

Bags of 10 kg., de 20 kg. y de 25 kg.

Sacos de cebollas de 10 kg, 20 kg y 25 kg

Net de 1 kg.

envases de cebollas_malla de 1 kg  

Prepacks (Buti) Cal. 3 1kg.

Envases de cebollas_ buti Cal 3 de 1 kg. Onions to export from Spain.

Prepacks (Buti) Cal. 4 750g.

Envases de cebollas_ buti Cal 4 de 1 kg. Onions to export from Spain.

Prepacks (Buti) Cal. 4 1 kg.

Envases de cebollas_ buti Cal 4 de 750 g. Onions to export from Spain.

——  Packaging all palletizing onions  ——

Packaging and Palletizing onions  

If you need another format do not hesitate to contact us, we will happy to help you.